b'Who We AreAmanda Garcia-Williams Andre KhanChief Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Officer Director, Diversity, Equity & Inclusionamanda.garcia-williams@huschblackwell.com andre.khan@huschblackwell.comJittaun Dill Will VerchereauDE&I Manager DE&I ManagerPrograms & Communicationsjittaun.dill@huschblackwell.com will.verchereau@huschblackwell.comOur Next StepsHolly Noon Ryann WarnerDE&I AnalystDE&I Analystholly.noon@huschblackwell.com ryann.warner@huschblackwell.com Formalize the next iteration of the Firms DE&I Executive Committee under the leadership of Nikelle Meade, Partner, Executive DE&I Committee.Support Chair Catherine Hanaways fulfillment of her Leadership Council on Legal Diversity pledge. CONNECT WITH USEmpower our employee resource groups to build connections across the Firm and accomplish thegoals they have defined for 2022.Increase participation in our voluntary self-identification survey to know our people even better. Revise internal complaint procedures to ensure equity and increase transparency.Support the Firms Future of Work initiative with a focus on equitable practices that promote themental, physical and social health of our people.Equip our strategic business unit leaders with the DE&I data they need to support their organizational goals.Expand the Firms participation in benchmarking activities to confirm what we do well and understandwhere we can continue to improve.'